TransCrypt - Decentralized Payment Platform

TransCrypt is a single window for all financial transactions, whether it be transactions with cryptocurrency, purchase of tokens and altcoins, or payment for services - all of this is done in a flash in the interface of your favorite instant messenger. You no longer need to worry about the payment currency – the built-in conversion will automatically exchange the required amount into the currency requested. Thanks to its own blockchain and the Tizer cryptocurrency, TransCrypt transactions will be executed instantaneously and practically free of charge.

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1 TSR = 0.002 ETH
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AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Circulating Supply60%
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The Problem

The cryptocurrency technologies available today are often too expensive and cumbersome. To solve each task, you need a separate product or an intermediary, which significantly complicates the process for the advanced user and makes it inaccessible to a wide audience.

The Solution

TransCrypt has developed a unique payment system that will make it possible to forget about the intricacies of handling cryptocurrency and will enable anyone who is familiar with the usual banking interfaces to send and receive crypto and national currency just as easily as it is to send and receive messages. Intuitive operations and screens, instant transfers and built-in conversion, unrestricted circulation of any amounts inside Tizer – all of it easily accessible upon TransCrypt app download.

The App's Functions

TransCrypt is a single ecosystem that brings together all the elements of the circulation of money. TransCrypt is:

  • multi-currency wallet;
  • multi-currency Tizer blockchain;
  • fast transactions of crypto and national currencies directly in the chat; integration with popular instant messengers;
  • unique IBAN accounts for each user whether individual or legal entity purchase and conversion of cryptocurrency;
  • instant cross-border transactions in fiat;
  • payments at any point with a linked plastic or virtual card;
  • investment in crypto-currencies or digital assets;
  • exchange order placements for professional traders;
  • b2b payments and POS systems.


Nick Machulis
Nick Machulis
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Den Dubov
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Lena Deshpit
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Alexander Volosovik
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