Unit Payment International - Unit Payment International

The loan market and shopping portals will soon be revolutionized by blockchain technology developed by UPI (Unit Payment International), a global company founded by experts from leading currency exchanges.

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Start Date
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Soft Cap
200 ETH
Hard Cap
400 ETH
Initial Price
1 ETH = 8,000,000 UPI
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Circulating Supply50%
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  • Round 1 (End 17th October 2018) - Round 2 (End 6th November 2018)


The advent of the blockchain technology has introduced the world of decentralization and is challenging our preconceived perspectives of the current social, political, and economic systems, most notably, the central banking system.

Communities today are defined by their social and political functions and limited to the economic boundaries set forth by nation states. Through UPI, they can be free from the traditional financial system and promote frictionless value exchanges with other communities, eventually resulting in the maximum total utility of society.

The UPI Project aims to build a decentralized system that allows independent blockchains with different governances to transact with one another without intermediaries. Anyone can create a new blockchain project and join the network. A new blockchain project is free to connect with existing projects and create new unique worlds, or blockchain multiverse.

The UPI ecosystem has progressed beyond the initial concept stage and boasts communities comprised of banks, securities, insurance, hospitals, universities, and more. A future with faster money remittance and frictionless value exchange of securities, medical records, academic data, insurance fees is within reach, and UPI will accelerate progress.


Waylon Dalton
Waylon Dalton
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Stefan Harary
Stefan Harary
CTO & Senior Developer
Moises Teare
Moises Teare
Blockchain App Developer
Gabriel Bernal
Gabriel Bernal
Community Management