VISO is a solution to a number of problems. VISO resolves buyers’ problems by enabling buyers to make quick and convenient cryptocurrency payments at any point of sale accepting regular payment cards. VISO resolves the problems of points of sale by letting points of sale take cryptocurrency as payment without breaking the laws banning direct sales of goods and services for cryptocurrency. Every step of the conversion occurs on our side, and the actual payment is made in regular currency. On top of everything else, VISO cuts equipment maintenance costs by combining a cash register, a payment terminal, and a bank terminal into a single device. VISO comes as a full-cycle payment system powered by the combined technologies of point-of-sale payments acceptance, regular currency payments and purchases, and cryptocurrency payment cards.

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The VISO project is the first cryptocurrency payments acceptance project that utilizes an entire payment environment.

We have analyzed the needs of a payments acceptance business.

All businesses are overloaded with equipment at this time.

To set up uninterrupted payments acceptance, many businesses are forced to keep several fiscal cash registers, bank terminals from multiple banks, customer-loyalty maximization system devices, external printers to print receipts, bar code scanners, and accounting systems.
All of these are standalone devices. Nobody needs an additional solution that would enable the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, especially as the laws of most countries expressly forbid the direct acceptance of cryptocurrency by merchants.

We simplify this whole system. Instead of all of these devices, we use the latest development called SMART terminal, which has the size of a regular bank terminal and combines all devices.

A device becomes a VISO SMART terminal through a software platform of our own development.

We have conducted the certification of this equipment to make sure it complies with the PCI DSS payment system information safety standard, device keyboard-based PIN code entry standard, and contactless payment standard.

As a result, we have a device that is in full compliance with international payment systems requirements and that meets all of the customer’s compliance objectives with regard to the conduct of sales. Apart from that, s SMART terminal is simply convenient.
The whole VISO SMART terminals-based cryptocurrency acceptance process is implemented through the VISO Wallet and VISO Exchange.
The cryptocurrency accepted as payment is converted on the Exchange, and the sale itself takes place in national currency – in compliance with the law.
In this way, VISO SMART terminals come as a radical simplification of the everyday payment acceptance process and extend the spectrum of capabilities by accepting cryptocurrency as payment. But there is more to it.

VISO company provides infrastructure for the convenient accounting of payments. All payments made with cash, payment cards, or cryptocurrency are shown in a user account on the VISO website. This greatly simplifies the accounting and reconciliation for every checkout point. Using an easy store constructor in the user account, it is possible to create one’s own online store to accept cash-free payment card-based and cryptocurrency payments. This feature set is unique and is VISO Company’s know-how.

For private customers, the services of the bank, those of the cryptocurrency exchange, and those of cryptocurrency balances are combined into a single system through the VISO wallet. In the unified interface of the VISO wallet, the customer can set limits on all transaction types, buy and sell cryptocurrency, and choose currency to store funds. After completing an authentication procedure at the bank, you can significantly increase the limits on transactions, but to try VISO services, you only need to register online.

VISO is the first system that allows not only for opening virtual cards and ordering prepaid and conventional cards but also for issuing smartphone-based contact-free payment cards that unlock immediately after the client has opened a VISO wallet.

As VISO cards are issued under VISA and MasterCard regulations, they can be used for payments worldwide, not just with VISO terminals.

5 reasons to join VISO:

  • The VISO project has been founded by partners with a vast experience in creating payment systems and business in Georgia
  • The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
  • Our technologies make payments in cryptocurrency simple, raising their ease to a new high.
  • Our VITO tokens have guaranteed demand from the clients' side and are supported by the VISO company
  • The project is highly scalable. Georgia today, the entire world tomorrow!

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