X-Block - The First Global Blockchain 4.0 Based On Fog Computing

By adopting the brand-new idea of fog computing design, X-Block attempts to lower the participation threshold for more nodes in the blockchain. This will maximize participation of intelligent devices into blockchain to not only contribute computing resources, bandwidth and data to X-Block ecology but also play a role in consensus formation and witness block formation.

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1,500,000 USD
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7,500,000 USD
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1 IX = 0.0054 USD
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As an outstanding representative of public chains in the era of Blockchain 4.0, X-Block is the first global public chain built on the Fog computing framework, which aims at creating a user-friendly, convenient and open light eco-blockchain. Relying on the Fog computing framework, X-Block can utilize various heterogeneous devices (including personal computers, smartphones, routers, etc.) to form a decentralized computing engine.

By creatively designing the “Galaxy Super-Contract,” it enables the smart contract to maximize the powerful Fog computing proprietary technology. Meanwhile, computing resources of the surrounding idle equipment can be integrated via X-Block. This will further empower the blockchain to be incorporated into everyday technological processes. Such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things. Thus, a disrupting smart blockchain era can be ushered in to promote applications of blockchain technology in day-to-day life.

As the bottom layer of blockchain technology, X-Block can precisely reflect the quantity and value of resources shared by users, promote growing publicity and transparency of resources, and realize a higher degree of efficiency and stability of computing ecology. Construction of the fog computing framework can, on the one hand, make blockchain accessible to more. On the other hand, it can be combined with multiple mainstream Internet technologies, including distributed computing, distributed storage, and big data to significantly expand applications of blockchain in real life.

X-Block is committed to the construction of a complete blockchain ecosystem, and X-Block has built X-Change along with X-Block’s fog computing and blockchain tools to accomplish the token ecosystem. X-Change is a community-autonomous exchange that incorporates X-Block tokens with trading and mining.

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Sarah Peretz
Sarah Peretz
Leonardo Winokur
Leonardo Winokur
Clayton Cogi Sims
Clayton Cogi Sims
Zach Ketchum
Zach Ketchum
Carlos Menéndez Llamas
Carlos Menéndez Llamas
Robert Cox
Robert Cox
Senior Engineer