Zeto - Pioneering a scalable, global food-safety supply chain powered by Blockchain

ZetoChain will transform current practices and methodologies in cold chain management, offering a level of transparency that will become an industry standard, and bringing unparalleled cost and time efficiencies to a hyper-competitive industry.

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Zeto delivers cloud-based SaaS solutions to the global commercial refrigeration industry. We leverage big data analytics and IoT technologies to provide our clients with a smart refrigeration management platform that enables them to reduce costs through efficiency gains, and provides independent, automated HACCP temperature monitoring and reporting.

Our IoT platform is used by large retail brands around the world. But their needs are changing. They want more transparency in the cold chain, more traceability of their fresh produce, and above all, they want to continue to earn the trust of their customers, by ensuring that their produce remains safe through every stage of the cold chain.

With the emergence of blockchain technologies, Zeto can meet these needs. Our clients will be able to manage the entire cold chain on our new blockchain platform, ZetoChain.

With ZetoChain, food retailers, restaurants, and companies throughout the global food service industry will know that the food they sell is of the highest quality. And they will have the records to back up this quality, which they can share with customers, producers, and all parties in the cold chain.

Customers will be able to use their phones to scan labels on meat, dairy products, or any fresh food item that they plan to buy or consume. They can then trace the product back to its source to see that it was handled, transported, and stored in a safe environment throughout its life cycle.

Zeto is committed to using the latest advancements in technology to keep food safe. Blockchain technology is new, but we’ve been working in the food retail space for many years. We know the challenges that retailers face. We understand the cold chain. And we already have the platform that will form the foundation of ZetoChain. We are best positioned to harness this powerful new technology, and provide retailers with an end-to-end solution that will help them improve efficiency, save money, protect their brand, and introduce full transparency into their cold chain.

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Stephen Slattery
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