Huobi Token (HT)

$4.007-1.6%≈ 0.000399519754588 BTC 24H Low/High: $4.00 - $4.08
24H Volume
≈ 7,576.853248377074 BTC
Ranking: #27Turnover Rate
Market Cap
≈ 98,116.59248554618 BTC
Ranking: #15Market Share
Current Supply
245,696,126.618973 HT
Total 500,000,000 HT
Supplied Ratio
Start Date
Max Supply
Proof Type
Difficulty Adj.
Block RR.
Block #
Network H/s
Current Supply
Block Reward

The Huobi token is an ERC-20 token that allows users to receive a discount for any fees on the Huobi exchange. The HT tokens will be issued by an airdrop in which 60% of the tokens will be credit to the users' accounts, 20% will be used to support the platform operations and the last 20% will be used as an incentive to Huobi's team, with a freezing period of 4 years. In the future, the team plans to announce more benefits for the HT token holders.

Huobi Token Market Chart


Huobi Token Exchanges

# Exchange Pair Price/Rate Volume Volume (USD) Vol. Ratio Updated
1BKEXHT/USDT$3.991,677,936.9392$6,708.73K29.87%23 minutes ago
2Bit-ZHT/USDT$4.00837,293.01$3,350.94K14.92%23 minutes ago
3LBankHT/USDT$3.99687,939.6036$2,746.32K12.23%23 minutes ago
4EXXHT/BTC$4.76444,034.69$2,116.78K9.42%1 month ago
5IDAXHT/USDT$3.99527,339.75$2,108.67K9.39%24 minutes ago
6BitMaxHT/USDT$4.00332,794$1,334.06K5.94%22 minutes ago
7BitForexHT/BTC$3.99227,204.333434$908,198.624.04%23 minutes ago
8BKEXHT/ETH$4.00126,862.3943$508,097.912.26%23 minutes ago
9BiboxHT/ETH$4.00123,757$495,585.712.21%24 minutes ago
10BitForexHT/ETH$4.00113,530.391209$454,383.942.02%23 minutes ago
11BiboxHT/USDT$3.99110,715$442,716.801.97%24 minutes ago
12BiboxHT/BTC$3.99106,557$425,863.061.90%24 minutes ago
13BitMaxHT/ETH$3.9990,433.82$361,609.581.61%22 minutes ago
14BitMaxHT/BTC$4.0179,760.26$319,971.751.42%22 minutes ago
15Gate.ioHT/USDT$4.0144,450.8164482$178,300.670.79%21 minutes ago
16HitBTCHT/BTC$4.01788.585221266$3,163.140.01%22 minutes ago