ArcadierX - The World’s First Reverse ICO

Create connected communities where people discover, learn, trust and trade easily. We strive to discover better ways of bringing people and businesses together to create commercial opportunities and work to meet the needs of every online marketplace. We innovate solutions to connect communities in a platform of trust where everyone can freely and easily discover, share and advocate anything they want to.

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Start Date
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Soft Cap
4,500,000 USD
Hard Cap
25,000,000 USD
Initial Price
0.1500 USD
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Circulating Supply40%
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  • Pre-Sale 1 - Till 31st March 2019 - 30% Bonus
  • Pre-Sale 2 - 10% Bonus - Till 30th June 2019


ArcadierX will utilise the power of distributed ledger technology along with innovations in inventory sourcing and distribution, a platform of trust, cryptocurrency, provenance and trade financing, to strengthen Arcadier marketplace platform at the core.

Trade Financing

Streamline trade financing in cross border business to remove high fees and increase trading efficiency


Provide greater supply chain transparency, stronger assurance of origin and chain of custody in any supply chain

AI/ML enabled data analytics

Introduce intelligent data analytics capabilities by using artificial intelligence or machine learning, such as making product discovery recommendations to online buyers and sellers

Arcadier Hub

A new cost-effective eCommerce inventory distribution mechanism that increases sourcing efficiency and sales distribution opportunities

Arcadier Trust

An innovative online reputation trust consolidation and portability system

ARCTX Payments

Issuance and use of ARCTX, our proprietary stable tokens, as the preferred currency within Arcadier ecosystem while enabling traceability and lowering transaction fees

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Dinuke Ranasinghe
Dinuke Ranasinghe
CEO & Co-Founder
Paul J Cascun
Paul J Cascun
CTO & Co-Founder
Kenneth Low
Kenneth Low
CCO & Co-Founder
June Boo
June Boo
General Manager North America Head of Group Strategy
Jiunn Shyong Tang
Jiunn Shyong Tang
Group Financial Controller
Jerome Lasic
Jerome Lasic
Lead Engineer