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BetinReal is the first AR/VR gambling solution in the world, based on blockchain technology. We have combined gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. Any time and in any where.

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BetInReal is a revolutionary platform, that brings an immersive gaming experience to the doorsteps of players all around the world. We are bridging gambling and social gaming into a unique product, empowering players access to a global marketplace of games and collectible items. The marketplace connects game developers, players and merchants into a single ecosystem where gambling is powered by social gaming. As an international team of experts – having more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry – we believe, that users deserve better, this is why VR/AR tech - nology is an untapped opportunity to create meaningful interactions and new social experiences.

The existing blockchain-based online casinos have major drawbacks – expensive and delayed transactions that negatively affect a users experience.

We strive to create BetInReal as a platform that is used to interact with friends or socialize with new acquaintances from all around the world, both through virtual or augmented reality. This is secured by the intricate blockchain architecture and its solutions – BetChannels. This guarantees an instant and fair distribution of winnings. It also gives users the ability to enjoy a transparent gambling process.

We are proud to present the BetInReal application and we encourage you to build your own gaming reality in the comfort of your own home or even outdoors – anytime, anywhere. The BetInReal MVP is available for download via Apple Store and Google Play. The BIR token is a VR/AR gaming currency with a set of utility features. The BIR token enables instant payout processing, micro-payments for personalized VR options and access to exclusive deals and much more. The community is an important part of the project and its long-term success. Therefore, BetInReal is dedicating at least 11% of the circulating supply to the Game Fund. The Game Fund guarantees liquidity win- nings and builds trust between players. The BIR token holders are eligible to join the Staking Pool.Despite the popularity of these entertainment industries among all age groups, they have a wide variety of problems that need to be solved.

In line with the development of the BetInReal platform, unique VR/AR solutions are created, which hold significant commercial potential. These solutions can be customized and applied in different business cases or rebranded for specific gambling markets. BetInReal is greatly expanding its user-side customization and adaptability to personal preferences with the introduction of the games visual content marketplace.

The Platform will generate profits from house edge, the content marketplace, White label solutions and secondary revenue streams. As a legitimate service provider, BetInReal prioritises the financial and social responsibility. The platform dedicates a percentage from the gambling revenue to non-governmental organisations, protecting the interests of players.

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Andrius Ališauskas
Andrius Ališauskas
Karolis Gogaitis
Karolis Gogaitis
Evaldas Magelinskas
Evaldas Magelinskas
Peter Van Roosmalen
Peter Van Roosmalen
Monika Kriūnaitė
Monika Kriūnaitė
Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert