Kheper - Tokenizing the Gambling Industry

Integrating the multi-billion dollar gambling industry with crypto, making gambling with crypto accessible to everyone, and expanding from online gaming to physical slots to create a unique brand for both online and offline gaming.

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2,000,000 USD
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17,000,000 USD
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1 KHP = 0.01 USD
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AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
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Determined to become the cryptocurrency for gambling and stop money laundering, Kheper has managed to attract the backing of major industry players including Replatz Casino, Fazi, E-Labs games, and legal office Sbordoni.

The business model consists of developing gaming platforms based on the Kheper Token and selling them to gambling entities. Kheper will offer a new gaming experience to casino clientele while ensuring transactions are registered on the blockchain, thereby eliminating the possibility for money laundering. It will reward legitimately operating casinos and enable gamblers to play safely.

Kheper's success factors include:

  • Decades of the partner’s experience and the successfully launched businesses;
  • Deployment of gaming platforms which comply with current gambling regulation;
  • Hybrid adoption of both centralized and decentralized technology.

Kheper's business will be deployed in three phases as follows.

Phase 1: Online Platform

The platform will initially be launched online. The development and commerce of the gaming platforms working with the Kheper Token will be deployed by E-Lab games and advised by Fabio DaRe. These partnerships will ensure the success and early adoption of the gaming platform.

E-Lab games is a company specialized in the development of gambling platforms, with over 15 years of experience in the field. The advisory functions will be performed by Fabio Da Re, the owner of the online casino Replatz with over 20 years experience in the field and 2017 revenues of over 100 million.

Phase 2: Physical Slots

After the online platform deployment, the engineering team of Fazi will develop the first physical slot ever built for cryptocurrency. Fazi is a company which develops physical gambling games and sells to both European and Asian markets. They have been operating for over 20 years, and they have been the inventors of the triple-crown roulette, a game highly appreciated by the gambling community. The partnership will allow bringing the digital games to the physical world, with the ongoing support of Fabio DaRe.

Phase 3: Kheper Casino Mass Adoption

The Kheper slots will become a core component of real-life casinos. Once Kheper slots prove to be a fantastic tool of entertainment, a Kheper Lounge will be established. This will be a designated area in a real-life casino where gamblers will have the opportunity to play with the Kheper Token and other cryptocurrencies.

The physical slots will, of course, be programmed according to the current gambling regulations and therefore comply with incoming government licenses.

The potential of Kheper in both online and physical gaming relies on the broad expertise of its partners, and other factors such as the legal and financial support Kheper has gained from other two important company, legal office Sbordoni and Imp Finance. These are well-known companies in the legal and financial world, with clients from all over Europe.

Sbordoni has lawyers with over 30 years of experience in the gambling industry, with its founder being Stefano Sbordoni, a Supreme Court attorney-at-law in Italy and a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law. Furthermore, Lmp finance is a Swiss wealth management company which manages portfolios of millions of euros per year and an astonishing 20 year of experience in the financial sector.

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Fabio da Re
Fabio da Re
CEO of
Antonio Massardo
Antonio Massardo
CEO of LMP-Finance
Paolo Ghezzi
Paolo Ghezzi
Management Advisor
Stefano Sbordoni
Stefano Sbordoni
CEO of Sbordoni & Partners
Sabina Monaco
Sabina Monaco
Legal Advisor
Francesca Dionisi
Francesca Dionisi
Legal Advisor