Bitdepositary - Bridging the Gap Between Icos and Investors

Bitdepositary is the world’s first ICO platform based on Salesforce and blockchain set to revolutionize the ICO marketplace using a specialist vetting and user voting system.

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1,000,000 USD
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50,000,000 USD
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1 BDT = 0.10 USD
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  • Private Pre Sale - 50% Discount of public Sale (no maximum Investment)
  • Open Pre Sale - 50% Discount of public Sale
  • Public Sale - 05th September to 19th September - 30% Bonus
  • Public Sale - 19th September to 03th October - 20% Bonus
  • Public Sale - 3th October to 17th October - 15% Bonus
  • Public Sale - 17th October to 31st October - 10% Bonus
  • Public Sale - 31th October to 14th November - 5% Bonus


The Bitdepositary mission is to eliminate scam ICOs and guide less experienced investors to make the right ICO Investment decisions. Its Salesforce-integrated blockchain platform allows users to vote for projects they believe in.

Through a rigorous screening process and decentralized community voting system, Bitdepositary aims to enable inexperienced investors to access quality and promising ICO projects launched on its platform. The new generation platform will utilize the capabilities of blockchain and Salesforce technologies to create and maintain a legally compliant and ultra-secure ICO ecosystem.

The results of the system include greater tax oversight and a reduction in token theft. Bitdepositary is also to incorporate a multi-wallet payment system and a cryptocurrency exchange, making ICO investments and trading easier, swifter, less expensive and far more secure.

New ICO projects submitted to Bitdepositary will undergo a review process, wherein the BitTeam will analyze the project feasibility, development and sustainability. Approved projects will then be forwarded to a panel of lawyers, tax experts, and industry experts to evaluate and document legal, tax and technical compliance before the project is presented to the users for voting.

“The panel vetting and user voting processes identify and remove ICOs that look suspicious or scammy, with the purpose of preventing loss of funds by investors. A community of participating users will vote for or against the project. Each vote will be weighted, awarded points based on the voter’s experience, investment returns, and reputation.

In this way, we believe that new ICO participants will benefit from the knowledge of more experienced users and be likelier to avoid making wrong investment decisions and maximize their profits,” said Bitdepositary’s founder & CEO, Tobias Graf.

The voting process works on a separate smart contract for all investors and users who vote for or against a project, rewarding them with a bonus for voting. Projects receiving 55% or more positive points will be launched on the Bitdepositary platform, with the project debut set for within eight weeks after results. Projects with less than 55% positive points will not be permitted to go live and all funds, including any interest, will be refunded. If a project is launched but fails to obtain its soft cap, the funds will be refunded to original contributors.

Bitdepositary offers unique premium app features, such as a Multi-Wallet for Fiat and Cryptocurrencies or Credit Card payments: a secure way to invest in the most exciting, community validated ICO projects.

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Tobias Graf
Tobias Graf
CEO & Founder
Carina Graf
Carina Graf
Caner Filizer
Caner Filizer
Mrinal Sharma
Mrinal Sharma
Lokesh Ram
Lokesh Ram
Technical Team
Swapnil Deshmukh
Swapnil Deshmukh
Technical Team