- Plug & Play protocol for commercial real estate.

With the introduction of blockchain, things are building up and a new market of fractional commercial real estate is set to emerge. At Blocksquare we are building the infrastructure and tools to propel this upcoming global market, opening the door to commercial property investments for anyone with an internet connection.

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Change Is Building Up

Real estate has always been an attractive investment, but never accessible to everybody. The upcoming fractional real estate markets are set to change this, as the financial entry barrier becomes almost non-existent. RE tokenization also allows diversification trough multiple properties and locations that is today available to institutional investors only. 

This new market will increase liquidity by multiples, something never before imagined. In fact, the illiquidity discount of real estate is estimated to be 10-30%, and commercial real estate tokenization and frictionless trading are set to unlock this value and open the door to a new market worth over USD 5 trillion.

Opening the Door for Fractional Commercial Real Estate Markets

Blocksquare is a network of tokenized CRE properties, backed by Proof of Title, the protocol linking tokenized properties with title data from traditional land registries. The Ethereum based blockchain layer is supported by a platform that enables regular user interactions and a decentralized marketplace for tokenized property exchange. Similar to how Amadeus or Sabre systems provide the infrastructure for airline companies to sell tickets trough online retailers, Blocksquare is developing the infrastructure layer and standard for real estate tokenization and fractional ownership so retail providers can then develop their services on top. In short, Blocksquare is set to opens access to real estate investment opportunities on a global level to anyone with an internet connection. 

Proof Of Title Protocol

With Ethereum and the underlying technical merger of blockchain technology and coded objects, the idea of tokenizing real world assets has become reality. Transferring real world value over the internet poses the need to introduce a system to securely link these coded objects, referred to as smart contracts, to the cumbersome structures of various national land registries. Once an Ethereum smart contract is deployed to the blockchain its internal logic can’t be changed. This in terms means any line written in the smart contract will always be present and can not be modified at a later stage. Blocksquare makes use of these characteristics by copying property specific information from land registries and including it in PropToken smart contracts. On the land registry side, a note containing the PropToken smart contract hash address is added to the title.

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Denis Petrovcic
Denis Petrovcic
Co-Founder & CEO
Viktor Brajak
Viktor Brajak
Co-Founder & CTO
Peter Merc
Peter Merc
Legal Counsel
Jure Pozun
Jure Pozun
Comm Strategy & Marketing Lead
Nina Tanhofer
Nina Tanhofer
PR & Communications Lead
Jure Zibelnik
Jure Zibelnik
Business Development