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Coalichain is a decentralized democracy ecosystem, based on blockchain, smart-contracts, and crypto. It delivers effective, accountable, people-driven governance to any organization from DAOs, through companies, NGOs, municipalities and all the way to general elections. Coalichain enables tracking the performance of elected officials and hold them accountable.

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    Empowering Voters. Cleaning Politics.

    Coalichain is a blockchain-based, mobile platform (app) for accountable, clean, direct elections. It is designed to allow candidates and politicians to present their political agenda directly to their voters and supporters; make clear and accountable promises; transparently raise money and more. It is a virtual environment that “levels the playing field” and, for the first time in human history, allows for truly free and clean from external influences, elections. 

    Context – We are Paying a Lot for Very Little

    Low Confidence and external influences. 88% of people think that elections are important. 45% have confidence in the honesty of the elections (World Bank). Lobbying spend is spiking ($3bn in the US in 2016). Voter turnout, continues to decline – people are disengaging.

    Pain: Discounted Voters & Disillusioned Candidates

    Candidates who want to win and to keep their position need money and political clout. They have to give up their ideals or bend to the rich and powerful. Voters chronically being discounted, disenfranchised and they are powerless.

    Problem: Disappointing the Public has a Better RoI

    It is easier, cheaper and less politically dangerous to make empty promises to the public. Voters are easily manipulated and chronically disappointed to the point of indifference. Candidates are more accountable to special-interest groups and less to the public.

    Solution: Decentralized Accountable Politics

    The Coalichain app allows candidates to get funded by the public and voters to hold their elected officials accountable, with In-app fundraising for a campaign or a cause, smart-contracts governed “stick and carrot” mechanism and flexible, conditioned voting, polls and surveys.

    Key Benefits: Transparency & Accountability

    Coalichain promotes trust between voters and candidates, and in the political system. Candidates no longer depend on powerful organizations with deep pockets. Voters can control what is done with their vote.

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    Levi Samama
    Levi Samama
    Co-founder, Co-CEO & CFO
    Shay Galili
    Shay Galili
    Co-Founder - CTO
    Ilja Šmorgun
    Ilja Šmorgun
    Moti Ovadya
    Moti Ovadya
    Partnership Director
    Rachel Haya Mushka Attias
    Rachel Haya Mushka Attias
    Partnerships Manager
    Debora Zajac
    Debora Zajac
    Partnerships Manager