The Dayta vision is to solve multiple data protection, consent and privacy issues all at once. The team has designed a roadmap to build a secure, easy-to-use and robust personal information Dapp and exchange mechanism within an integrated, digital ecosystem. Our aim to ensure all participants from companies to users protect and profit from a unified personal information blockchain which will ensure efficient data audit and transparent smart contracts and agreements.

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We in the Dayta project believe that your personal information is yours to consume, withhold, disseminate and manage as you see fit. GDPR and other data protection and data privacy regulations will help with this, especially in relation to marketing consent and 3rd party organisations that manage data. However, it is not the intention of regulatory authorities and legal frameworks to bludgeon businesses into avoiding the use of our personal data but make clear their responsibilities and the extent to which they are accountable for its use and safe-keeping, building on previous complimentary regulations such as the Data Privacy Directive (DPD), ePrivacy Directive and PECR.

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Zumar Ahmed
Zumar Ahmed
CEO & Founder
Laura Feeley
Laura Feeley
Customer Experience and Marketing Director
Bret Calvey
Bret Calvey
Senior Software Consultant
Danish Hameed
Danish Hameed
Blockchain Consultant
Vitally Marinchenko
Vitally Marinchenko
Smart Contract Developer
Stefan Beyer
Stefan Beyer
Blockchain Architect