Hatchworks - Demystifying VC Investing For The Masses

Hatchworks is a venture firm with an in-house incubator. The company thoroughly vets, invests in and monitors its portfolio investments through an Investment Committee (IC) and Operations Committee (OC). Hatchnet, which is its proprietary algorithmic investment insight platform is now open to all HATCHTOKEN holders, giving early access and insight on industry leading VC deals that have eluded the masses for decades. While VCs keep the best deals to themselves, we share, through our upcoming series of Hatchfunds.

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Hatchworks is a venture firm with an in-house incubator and market insight platform known as ‘Hatchnet’. Unlike the opaque world of venture capital where both, venture capitalists and venture firms tend to reveal little information about companies they research or invest in, Hatchworks changes this paradigm by publicly revealing not only all past investments made and detailed information about them, but current, live investments being researched and investments being made. This process is done in realtime on Hatchnet; Hatchworks’ market insight platform that provides the most relevant information to everyday investors on deals they never get to see until they IPO.

It is no secret that by the time companies like Uber or Beyond Meat come to market, they have already progressed through various rounds of funding, at increasing valuations. These funding rounds start with seed funding where unicorns such as Uber and Beyond Meat still have modest valuations in the single digit million-dollar range (the ideal time for retail investors to get in), all the way to Series A through D and pre-IPO funding, which happens at valuations often in the hundreds of millions to a few billiondollar range. Money exchanges hands behind closed doors and specifically, between ultra-high-net-worth institutional investors, other venture firms or syndicates. Rarely do average retail investors hear about this period of significant ROI. The average retail investor is only contacted when the time comes for venture firms to exit; i.e. the big initial public offering (IPO). By the time this happens, average people on the street are paying rich valuation premiums and high-net-worth people and companies are selling.

While there have been attempts to address the above problem through vc-tracker funds, many of these have failed (explained in ‘Competition’ section later). Hatchworks’ Investment Committee members hold key board-memberships on multi-billion-dollar asset managers such as MFO Asset Management Ltd. Owing to these strategic networks along with already having access to a multi-million-dollar liquidity pool known as the DALP (which belongs to a portfolio company called Spectre.ai), Hatchworks already commenced its portfolio construction process having invested in both, public deals at various stages of investment but also behind-the-door VC type syndicated deals such as Weengs. It has also completed Hatchnet (alpha version available on www.hatchworksvc.com) which showcases a new way for retail investors to get access to lucrative deals they otherwise would not. Hatchworks is now seeking funding of $50,000,000, in order to scale up its portfolio construction process, launch the commercial version of Hatchnet for the masses and create a series of funds (known as ‘Hatchfunds’) which allow everyday people to get access to lucrative start-ups.

In doing so, Hatchworks is issuing an ERC-20 digital utility token known as HATCHTOKEN. This utility token will provide the masses basic and premium access to Hatchnet, thereby dramatically increasing their chances of investment success.

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Eric Wong
Eric Wong
Investment Committee Member at Hatchworksvc
Jaap Spreeuwenberg
Jaap Spreeuwenberg
Ho Kiang San
Ho Kiang San
Ian Buck
Ian Buck
Head of Investor & Affiliate Relations at Spectre.ai, and Investment Committee member at Hatchworks
Kartik Swaminathan
Kartik Swaminathan
Kay Khemani
Kay Khemani
Director at Neuchatel Ltd, Investment Committee Member