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HireMatch.io is patent pending decentralized employment marketplace that doesn't rely on traditional recruiters or "headhunters". By employing user agents on the HireMatch network, a P2P decentralized job market will be created using our token as an incentive to user agents to submit and verify applicants.

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Get Paid to Help Others Find Jobs

HireMatch.io is the first Decentralized Application (DApp) that will eliminate the friction and costs of third party intermediaries like expensive recruiters, when firms are searching for talent. HireMatch will reduce the cost to find, interview and acquire new employees with our ERC20 token we call "HIRE". Anyone can get paid to help others find jobs, and to help companies find employees.

How To Aquire HIRE

  1. Earn HIRE Tokens/ Help find employees for companies

    The primary usage of the token is to incentivize user agents to find, recommend and verify applicants for job listings. Anyone can earn HIRE tokens by using our mobile application or developing an application that interacts with our API to perform these actions.

    Spread the word about HireMatch and increase awareness by publishing articles, creating podcasts and participating in Ted Talks. These all help us grow together and improve.
  2. Buy HIRE

    Limited amount of HIRE will be available for Presale on July 20th 2017.

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Armando Pantoja
Armando Pantoja
Chief Architect, CoFounder
Chad Kettering
Chad Kettering
Chief Marketer, CoFounder
M.J. Pantoja
M.J. Pantoja
Advisor, Human Resource Expert
Aladin Ben Sassi
Aladin Ben Sassi
UI/UX Developer
Michael Gord
Michael Gord
MLG Blockchain Consulting
Baer Noldus
Baer Noldus