Hive Power - Build decentralized energy communities secured by the blockchain

Hive Power develops a turnkey solution for the creation and management of local energy communities on the blockchain, providing an economic optimization for their participants by lowering their bills and valorizing their assets. In collaboration with meter producers, Hive Power is building a blockchain ready energy meter, which allows to safely tokenize energy.

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11,000,000 USD
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Our vision is to provide everyone with the possibility to create and manage electrical energy communities on the Etherum blockchain, creating a world of shared energy for a brighter future.

The power sector is facing a paradigm change, moving from a centralized approach with big power plants (hydro, coal, gas and nuclear) leading the energy market to a decentralized scenario adopting distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar and wind.

We believe that the future electrical grid should be characterized by an increase of energy sharing between prosumers, consumers and electric utilities, optimizing the energy resource and the usage of the infrastructure. In several countries, the current unbundled situation allows the end-users to freely choose their energy supplier. In this context, enabling technologies like blockchain, and more specifically Ethereum, will allow decentralized prosumers to safely buy and sell electricity to each other at negligible marginal costs.

The Team and the Project 

Hive Power is a spin-off funded at University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) in August 2017 by a team of researchers active in the field of electrical load management, as a part of Swiss national center for electrical infrastructure (SCCER-FURIES). Hive Power develops a platform, which is running entirely on a public blockchain. Our goal is to create energy sharing communities where all participants have a guaranteed economic benefit. In contrast to other energy sharing market schemes, the Hive Power platform is designed to take into account technical aspects of the grid, such as the power quality standards in the distribution grid.

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Gerardo Lecuona
Gerardo Lecuona
Power Electronics Industry
Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini
Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini
Energy Economics
Emanuele Cesena
Emanuele Cesena
Cryptography & Security
Arthur Gervais
Arthur Gervais
Blockchain and Off-chain Scalability
Rami Khalil
Rami Khalil
Off-chain Payment Networks
Marco Merlo
Marco Merlo
Electrical Grids