Overcoming the disadvantages of the existing master node, developing the next generation master node coin

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KOD is a master node based coin like Pivx and Dash (but Developed for the first time at least in Korea).

KOD is a formal coin such as bit coin, not an Ethereum based token.

◈Bidirectional Compounded-profit structure (Difference from bit coin)◈ - Hybrid-mined that is POS + MN (After 200 Block)
※ POW(at first 200 Block)

KODcoin ensures that tremendous of rewards in mining operations based on the master node (decentralized network server) and benefit based on POS(Proof Of Stake).

If setting more than one master node (1MN = 10000 KOD) and holding a coin of more than a certain amount (3000 KOD), KOD total amount in your wallet exponentially increasing.

If within the exchange is running the system that POS can be operated, as in your personal local wallet installed on PC or Mobile, it is available increasing the number of coins if holding a certain amount of KOD(3000KOD) in that exchange.

This is the method of rewarding the interest a much higher than on the exchange's coin (eg Huobi's HTcoin) or of the pundi X.

Complete decentralized-Exchange with KOD as base-currency (An exchange in the form of a wallet that moves coins directly)

Interworking with OFTS (Onestop Fingerprint Trans System)     ☞ ["Convenience and security" enhancement of "transmission and transaction"]

Build a new-concept trading ecosystem

Fingerprint recognition ⇨ Personal authentication + Coin transfer and transaction

Streamlined procedures

On-line & Offline instant payment system

Enhancement convenience & Security

Expansion of KOD distribution in dailylife • Commercialization

Local-Crypto-Currency Issue and supply

Anyone who is interested in KOD can freely comment. Our KOD team has a dedicated community management team to collect feedbacks. We would have been actively listen them and converge and reflect on the road map of KOD. Of course, these moves will continue.


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