KOD COIN - Fast Transfer. High Anonymity. Unbreakable Security.

KOD coin, which is based on a master node, features fast anonymous transmission and speed of transmission and is the first master node support coin in Korea. The goal of KOD Coin is to exchange with local currency in cooperation with offline currency exchange offices worldwide.

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KOD is a master node based coin like Pivx and Dash (but Developed for the first time at least in Korea).

KOD is a formal coin such as bitcoin, not an Ethereum based token. However, unlike bitcoin, KOD is hybrid-mined that is POS (regular) + POW (first 200KOD).

In other words, If setting the master node (1MN = 10000 KOD) and holding a coin of more than a certain amount (3000 KOD), KOD total amount exponentially increasing.

If within the exchange is running the system that POS can be operated, as in your personal local wallet installed on PC or Mobile, it is available increasing the number of coins if holding a certain amount of KOD(3000KOD) in that exchange.

This is the method of rewarding the interest a much higher than on the exchange's coin (e.g., Huobi's HTcoin) or of the pundi X.

It is underway that the development of de-centralized exchange with KOD base-currency.

The KOD team is on a goal that creates a healthy and active trading ecosystem, by establishing various trade-pairs and actively exchanging with as many as possible promising coins in the world.

This is also linked to the expansion of KOD coin market penetration globally.

As a foundation for achieving this, mobile application development based on OFST (Onestop Fingerprint Trans System) is underway, and by linking with DEX, we are trying to accomplish this goal.

OFTS(Onestop Fingerprint Trans System)

Not only escaping the spatial limitations of PC local wallets but also Mobile wallet functionality is implemented by default. Furthermore, complicated authentication process such as private key, Google OTP, KYC authentication, SMS authentication will be no more need, if using KOD's mobile app.

Even if you didn't have a smartphone of registered your name at present, it is available that send and transaction the coin by only one-stop fingerprint recognition(by borrowing phone of a nearby person or by using another non-registered smartphone).

Especially if only you have a non-registered smartphone at present, you can send and trade KOD anywhere, anytime, safely and conveniently by using Wi-Fi and linking with DEX.

The KOD app has the costs paying function, which can be integrated and linked with On-site payment settlement services such as MobilePay app.

By this, KOD can be commercialized all over the world.


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