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KryptoRedeem is a platform with Blockchain technology that gives a detailed view of your customers, segments and allows you to automate marketing campaigns, personalized promotions and online surveys, rewarding their loyalty with rewards in Tokens*, having full control over their operations.

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    KryptoRedeem builds blockchain-based platform service which can be applied in various loyalty program and membership. It also provides one system by integrating various points and benefits which were separated in different brands. Through an integrated API of KryptoRedeem, the brand can use various loyalty program and functions. The reward system like point, coupon, promotion, and others provide benefit to brand's loyalty service, and it is linked with DB.

    The transaction records are stored in the smart contract. The module of our platform can give an accurate recommendation to the consumers through analysis of their style and behaviors. After the brands have gotten their purchased token, it will then be distributed to their customers and show in a wallet.

    Retailers will have to attract the users of the ecosystem to join campaigns, while ecosystem users have free will to join the platform. Also, any customer may be in the position of a Retailer, building own campaigns. Decentralization gives the opportunity to be in a position of both sides. Anyone can use tokens to build an Overlay on the basis of KrypoRedeem(Our website) tokens or use our project to make own campaigns in the Overlay. For Retailers, it is very important to have a return from the investment. This is why we have thought about an ecosystem where Retailers pay per leads(any user activity in the campaign is a lead), which is closer to marketing based systems than loyalty programs.

    KryptoRedeem platform also improves rewards for issuers and consumers focusing on user experience, enhance security and reduce cost related to management and issuance.

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    Pedro López
    Pedro López
    CEO Funder
    Vanessa Pérez
    Vanessa Pérez
    Co- Funder
    Xavier Pérez
    Xavier Pérez
    Blockchain developer
    Natalia Megia
    Natalia Megia
    Marketing & communication
    Cesar Martinez
    Cesar Martinez
    Andres Mendoza
    Andres Mendoza
    UX Fron End