Kuende is the first blockchain fueled hybrid online-offline social network based on real-world gamified challenges. Kuende aims to create as much human interaction in real life as it does digitally.

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4,000 ETH
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28,980 ETH
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1 KUE = 0.00002 ETH
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By gamifying real-world socialization, Kuende aims to make interactions fun and engaging for everyone. These social activities lead to more physical socialization and healthier, longer-lasting connections through the Kuende concept of incentivized challenges. Each has its own unique rules, rewards, and expectations of participants. But, what they have in common is their aspect of fun, adventure, and accomplishment..

Finally, because of the targeted, interest-based nature of Kuende, these Challenges will bring together people with the same hobbies and values. Creating new friendships in the real world. The ideal outcome for a Kuende user!

Real Life Interaction

The Kuende mission is to become the first hybrid online-offline social media platform that creates as much human interaction in real life as it does digitally.


Gamified Challenges will actively encourage people, in all stages of their Kuende experience, to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions and relationships.


Kuende is a gamified social network that rewards its users for engaging in real-world challenges. Rewards will come in different forms from Kuende and our partners.

Tokenized Economy

The platform’s economy relies on two ERC20 tokens. Each one has its own use-case. The tokens are designed to support and scale a complex ecosystem.

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Pavel Antohe
Pavel Antohe
CEO & Founder
Dan Tudor
Dan Tudor
CFO & Co-founder
Teodor Pripoae
Teodor Pripoae
CTO & Co-founder
Mihnea Rafailescu
Mihnea Rafailescu
CDO & Co-founder
Daniel Bugarin
Daniel Bugarin
Alexandru Tache
Alexandru Tache
Senior Software Engineer