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We enable people to participate in the legal system without the need to rely on lawyers or blindly trusting organizations and governments. Live Contracts allow automation of agreements and laws without giving full control to the machines. By storing events and information in a verifiable and immutable way, we mitigate fraud while reducing bureaucracy.

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    Why is legal tech so far behind in terms of automation? In the financial sector most is already automated and cryptocurrency is taking that to the next level. In legal, it’s not uncommon for someone with a college degree to spend their days sifting through a mountain of documents. LegalThings is going to change this with Live Contracts. Describing persona and objects as structured data and procedures as finite state machines makes it possible to bring automation like workflow management and machine learning to legally binding contracts. Interacting with the contract automatically builds an immutable and verifiable audit trail. To build this audit trail, each Live Contract creates a miniature private blockchain that’s only shared between the parties involved. Where private consortium blockchains only work with large organizations, the LegalThings plat form allows small companies and individuals to share a private chain. Live Contracts are fundamentally different from smart contracts. A smart contract is code that defines hard rules for conditional transactions. A Live Contract is a digital representation of an agreement or regulation that may be enforced by law.


    Arnold Daniels
    Arnold Daniels
    Founder & Software Architect
    Rick Schmitz
    Rick Schmitz
    Founder & Head of Legal
    Martijn Migchelsen
    Martijn Migchelsen
    Founder & Head of Finance
    Lisa Kate Palmer
    Lisa Kate Palmer
    Product Development Manager
    Sven Stam
    Sven Stam
    Sabine Van Bilderbeek
    Sabine Van Bilderbeek
    Manager Operations