MyTVchain - Web TV Platform Dedicated to Sports Clubs

MyTVchain’s mission is to help sport clubs generate more revenue from their content, build brand loyalty and accelerate growth in the development of sport club channels. We are building a new model where sport clubs and viewers transact directly on the blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries. MyTVchain evolves around three main concepts (helping sport clubs finance their activities, giving back to them the value from their content and generating growth for sports clubs) which aim to change their revenue management to switch to a new era of value creation for sport communities.

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35,000,000 USD
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AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
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MyTVchain is developing a new generation of sports video sharing platform and a new ecosystem for sport clubs. Fans have the ability to film (through mobile apps developed by MyTVchain), publish their videos, animate and share with social networks while earning tokens (in the form of MyTV Tokens) as a reward for themselves but also for their sports club; generating services and financing for the club and the community. MyTVchain revenue model is based on transaction fee and online services.

MyTVchain team of technology and blockchain experts are building a new model for sports clubs where video creators and viewers transact directly on the blockchain and remove the need for intermediaries such as YouTube or Facebook. With MyTVchain, the community regains the control of the platform and it is the community that decides the value of the content.

The MyTV Token is a new medium of exchange and reward for video creation, sharing and viewing within the MyTVchain community. The MyTV Token will have a large spectrum of usages by the community

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Corneliu Fridgant
Corneliu Fridgant
Cristina Tautu
Cristina Tautu
General Manager
Junior Bouis
Junior Bouis
Florin Novac
Florin Novac
CTO/Blockchain Expert
François Le Page
François Le Page
Financial Management(Marketkaps)
Olivier Kleindienst
Olivier Kleindienst
Business Model strategist(Marketkaps)