Verasity - A next-generation video sharing platform

Verasity is a disruptive new video sharing platform that rewards the entire community for their activity in the platform.

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Online video is the fastest growing medium. It is set to account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021 and the market is worth $312 billion2. Yet the online video business model is fundamentally challenged.

With the advent of online video platforms, both video creation and consumption are more accessible than ever before. This has led to a significant increase in content production and consumption as audiences shift online for digital entertainment. However, under current advertising models, companies like Facebook and Google stand out as the winners generating $ 191.8 billions of net advertising revenue between them in 2017 by controlling the distribution of content and the sale of advertising.

Audiences have fast turned into a commodity. Their personal data is sold to corporations for more targeted advertising, while creators and publishers receive a percentage of revenue after the platform and intermediaries take a significant share of the advertising revenue. In recent years, content creators and online publishers have been very vocal on these issues, as the limited revenue they are generating means they are unable to re-invest into content and, therefore they struggle to maintain their channels.

With these monopolies controlling the majority of online content, they continue to turn the screw to increase margins, change algorithms that demonetize creators and decide what content is monetizable. Any competitor who sets out to challenge this status quo and gains audience attention is quickly acquired and controlled, threatening future consumer options online.

The mass adoption of AdBlock technology demonstrates the viewers' frustration with the current model. Creators and publishers with strong, loyal audiences are exploring new platforms to sell subscriptions for their content, where users are happy to pay for an ad-free experience, which is often an expensive route for all.

Without disruptive change, we are witnessing a race to the bottom caused by conflicting priorities between Creators, Advertisers and their current platforms.

Verasity sets to change all this. It is a next-generation video sharing platform is designed to liberate creators and benefit the viewer experience.

Using blockchain technology, the platform facilitates direct and transparent value exchange between video viewers and content publishers or creators. As a Foundation, revenues are retained within the economy and for platform operating costs. Verasity puts the power back into the hands of the users and content providers, creating a better ecosystem for all.

The Verasity protocol aims to power the future of digital entertainment. It will be adopted by Content Publishers, Creators and Advertisers as a replacement for traditional content monetization channels. Verasity will challenge the hegemony of the tech giants who are rapidly becoming digital cartels.

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David Orman
David Orman
Scott Brown
Scott Brown
Project and Video Network Expert
Chris Morof
Chris Morof
Lead Engineer
Kyrylo Bybyk
Kyrylo Bybyk
Senior Blockchain Developer
Ievgen Iegorochkin
Ievgen Iegorochkin
Blockchain Developer
Dmytro Medianik
Dmytro Medianik
High-load back-end developer & security Engineer