Pchain - The First Native Multichain System

PCHAIN is the first native multichain system in the world that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which consists of one main chain and multiple derived chains.

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The PCHAIN Network is a new infrastructure level public chain system with native support for multichain applications and EVM, providing an open, scalable platform for third-party developers in the industry and making it possible for large-scale enterprise applications based on smart contracts. The core technologies underlying the PCHAIN Network include:

  1. The first native multichain architecture that supports EVM, with a consensus of POS based on multi-layer sharding mechanism that tremendously improves the performance of transactions.

  2. A new Oracle mechanism based on the knowledge graph makes it easier to encapsulate smart contracts. The endogenous W3C - compliant intelligent data of the PCHAIN Network effectively addresses the issue of non-intelligence in smart contracts and can become a fundamental element of smart contracts, just like the market exchange rate data from the external.

  3. The goal of PCHAIN Smart Data is to generate valuable data that filters out noise and make it an integral part of Oracle. These smart data can be used in various smart contracts and other cross-chain requests on the PCHAIN Network. Smart data, on the one hand, can serve as an intermediary between blockchain and artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, facilitates the integration of blockchain with big data. Therefore, it has a vast application prospect, including decentralized question and answer, forecasting markets, the building of distributed knowledge graph, social networks, digital identities, and others.

  4. The trunked cross-chain solution makes the exchange of digital currency and digital assets more convenient. Various Tokens (e.g., BCH, ERC20) can be directly used to invoke smart contracts in the PCHAIN Network.

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Feng Cao
Feng Cao
Vision & Algorithm
Haojin Lv
Haojin Lv
Zhanfeng Ma
Zhanfeng Ma
Blockchain Storageand Optimisation
Kai Zheng
Kai Zheng
In-memory Data Managemen
Zhihong Chong
Zhihong Chong
Knowledge Graph
Query Speedupand Indexing