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About qiibee qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty industry with the latest technological innovations. By bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain, it is able to help brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies while offering customers real-life value in exchange for their points. At present, the loyalty industry is hopelessly fragmented. It sees low customer engagement and redemption and high customer acquisition cost, operational risk, and inefficiency for brands. All of this translates to extreme waste, totaling more than $500B USD-worth of unredeemed points, according to a 2017 study by Reuters & Affinity Capital Exchange. Solution qiibee has developed a standardized Plug & Play solution, allowing brands to easily issue their own tokens with the LoyaltyToken Protocol. Meaning businesses can store customer rewards on the blockchain and issue real-value Loyalty Tokens in return. The end-users can use and exchange their loyalty tokens between brands with the qiibee wallet app. With this ecosystem, we are tackling the issues prevalent in today’s loyalty market, like it’s fragmentation, low levels of activity and redemption, costs associated with integration and the lack of interoperability and intrinsic value of the points collected.

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qiibee entered the loyalty market in 2015 and has helped over 900 brands run loyalty programs on the blockchain.

They are revolutionizing the loyalty market by offering a blockchain-based loyalty ecosystem, on which every brand can build its own loyalty application on the same foundation. Brands and customers can engage with one another across the ecosystem.

This approach is tackling the issues prevalent in today’s loyalty market such as fragmentation, low levels of activity and redemption, costs associated with integration and the lack of interoperability and intrinsic value of the points collected.

qiibee gives customers transparency over their own loyalty programs and all the other programs on the platform. They can collect, redeem, exchange, send or receive loyalty tokens on the platform. Since the qiibee token backs all loyalty tokens, customers will be able to trade them for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies.

The platform is already live, and we are rapidly scaling. The rich sales pipeline shows that brands have already recognized the value qiibee can bring to their loyalty programs and their customers. Strong partnerships with marketing agencies ensure fast scaling of the ecosystem, starting in qiibee's core markets of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

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Gabriele Giancola
Gabriele Giancola
Co-founder, Sales & Partnerships
Gianluca Giancola
Gianluca Giancola
Co-founder, Design & UX
Felicia Giancola-Teora
Felicia Giancola-Teora
Finance & Legal
Pascal Schindelholz
Pascal Schindelholz
Federico Alconada
Federico Alconada
Tech Architecture
Jacqueline Bieri
Jacqueline Bieri
Marketing & PR