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To build and operate a global real estate platform that has proprietary one stop solution for international buyers. Ecosystem includes a variety of sellers, buyers and property managers. On top of that, developers in the future can access our platform to delegate tasks done by contractors.

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Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
20,000 ETH
Initial Price
1 ETH = 1,600 REGO
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Circulating Supply72%
Restricted AreasMalaysia, South Korea, China, United States and Singapore
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Key challenges for foreign investors in today’s real estate market include the lack of top quality and reliable property listing platforms, and dealing with the time consuming, error prone and costly processes in acquiring, managing and funding of properties. 

The REGO innovative real estate property sourcing, listing and technology firm is launching the REGO crypto token, blockchain technology-based trading platform and applications for the real estate market to revolutionize the trading, management and investing of real estate properties, especially for foreign investors. REGO utility tokens can be used as currency in the acquisition of certain properties listed on the trading platform and for access to the blockchain based applications. Usage of REGO tokens will significantly expedite, securitize and reduce the costs of the aforementioned processes.

REGO can also offer unique services to assist foreign investors in making property investments in the US and other countries. Such services will minimize the challenges of time and costs in acquiring and managing of properties purchased from our platform.

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Tan Peng Eng
Tan Peng Eng
CEO & Founder
David Braut
David Braut
Company Advisor
Elizabeth Siew
Elizabeth Siew
Company Advisor & Legal Tech Counsel
Harsha Cuttari
Harsha Cuttari
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Himanshu Pandey
Himanshu Pandey
Blockchain & Crypto Advisor
Sean Tan
Sean Tan
Community Media Advisor