RENC - Car Sharing Peer to Peer Platform

RENC is a P2P car sharing service platform built on open sourced blockchain technology. It provides a solution from economic and environmental problems based on sharing consensus for each other's interests. RENC tokens empower an entire security ecosystem and have incentive participation from a sharing community for both of consumers and providers, small-medium business customers, individual consumers, as well as enterprises and investors.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
5,000 ETH
Hard Cap
15,000 ETH
Initial Price
1 RENC = 0.001 ETH
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply60%
Restricted AreasN/A
HomepageWebsite URL
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  • Marketing & PR Private Sale - 50%
  • 1st Pre-Sale - 25%
  • 2nd Pre-Sale - 10%
  • Crowd Sale - 5%


RentalCurrency (RENC) Coin is a specialized block-chain research community group located in Seoul and Singapore that have developed a platform and credible cryptocurrency. Their platform is based on the ethereum blockchain, and smart contracts are configured to secure stability according to consumption patterns and transactions, and the solidity programming language.

RENC can be stored, used, and traded through a decentralized, blockchain wallet and encrypted currency exchange service so that it can have a stabilized exchange rate. RENC can be used by professionals or everyday people to extract and trade the assets of the RENC cryptocurrency, to promote rental service transactions, to accumulate asset value, and to provide convent distribution.

The RentalCurrency platform builds and delivers a global, decentralized network of mutual benefits for all users, and simplicity, security, cost savings, speed, and reliability are essential. To achieve this goal, the RENC cryptocurrency Platform opens all the sources to be used by anyone interested in the market to maintain a secure wallet, unified exchange system, and stable exchange rate from the time of design.

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June Lee - JongJun Lee
June Lee - JongJun Lee
CEO & RENC Founder AmazonCar Deloitte consulting
YoungHeon Kim
YoungHeon Kim
CTO / Architect Lead Deloitte Comsulting IBM
SeungGyu Choi
SeungGyu Choi
CFO Induk Accounting corporationPh.D MIS / CISA, DACOM
Lucas Kang - InSeok Kang
Lucas Kang - InSeok Kang
CTO / Top Engineer Lead HahmShout R&D Manager Shilla Hotel Internet Duty free shop
Brian Jeon- SungChul Jeon
Brian Jeon- SungChul Jeon
COO / Project Manager / Singapore POSCO, DAEWOO Lotto Korea
HyungPyo Kwon
HyungPyo Kwon
R&D Executive LKFarm CEO DreamLine, DACOM