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StealthCrypto is developing the largest decentralized, incentivized, self-sustainable, quantum mesh network based on blockchain technology. Using proprietary, end-to-end Dynamic Split Encryption, Dynamic Split GeoDistribution and using quantum number generation, quantum key distribution, and authentication.

STO/ICO Status

Hard Cap
100,000,000 USD
Initial Price
1 QMN = 0.50 USD
Token Supply
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Circulating Supply50%
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StealthCrypto is developing the Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography for data protection, as well as blockchain, communications, smart city platforms, IoT and banking. Their team is creating a single Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) ecosystem that aims to be superior to any existing ID systems; secure, private, and available on demand.

The StealthCrypto team has the experience and expertise to protect data using next-generation decentralized blockchain security technology to help defend against emerging challenges in an evolving threat landscape. 2/3 of employees are working in R&D, including an international team of security experts and a number of world-renowned cryptographers.

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Larry Castro
Larry Castro
Chief Executive Officer
William Eilers
William Eilers
Executive Vice President And General Counsel
Jay Dills
Jay Dills
CIO And VP For Engineering
Darin Andersen
Darin Andersen
Chief Operating Officer
Jorge Andres Ramos Eguinoa
Jorge Andres Ramos Eguinoa
Development Team Project Leader / Software Architect
James Scott
James Scott
Development Team Security Architect