SunMoney - Invest in solar energy at any scale.

SunMoney Solar Group (SSG) is a community-funded renewable energy company, established in 2013 with a 2 million euro investment from private investors. With more than 10 000 members in 28 countries, SSG owns/operates/owns options of solar power plants with an active capacity of 20 MW.SunMoney Solar Group is aiming to build 30 MW of solar power capacity in Germany and Hungary in 2018 with the funds raised. SSG will also to extend its investment platform to open service for 3rd party solar power plants.

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48,000 ETH
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150 SMT = 1 ETH
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AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Circulating Supply72%
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Token profitability: Make up to 83.660 EUR from a 1.000 EUR investment in five years 

Use SMTs (SunMoney Tokens): to buy discounted investment packages or rights to commissions, or sell it in SSG’s (SunMoney Solar Group’s)  buyback program or on Crypto Trading Platforms 

Well established global group of companies with existing investment platform and solar power plants in the EU 

International experienced management team and expert advisory team

10K members in the worldwide community


The Sunmoney Tokens’ profitability is based on the core activities of the SUNMONEY SOLAR GROUP:

All these activities guarantee the growth of the company and the dynamic growth of the value of the SUNMONEY Token. All these activities are backed by physical assets, which generate value every day.


SUNMONEY owns, installs and supports all its solar parks. New parks are built on a regular basis. All these power plants have long term contracts for selling electricity to public utilities and companies. The solar panels used in our parks are manufactured by the prestigious German company, Bauer Energiekonzepte GmbH and come with 25 years warranty. All the plants have insurance and are regularly audited. The exploitation rights of these plants based on Watt output are sold in packages to our members. The power plants are built at different geographic locations with different weather conditions to mitigate local risks and increase the average output of our solar parks. All the members buy the rights in this pool of solar power plants.


The two most popular business trends, renewable energy and cryptomining combined in a new package and service with all the network benefits. Members are now able to buy SunMining packages to earn money from the SunMoney cryptomine for 2 years. The SunMoney cryptomine is running on solar energy. 


All the members joining the SUNMONEY community add to the value of the group. The ones who buy solar packages increase the total Watt output in the system. The members who buy community/ business packages help to grow the community and also add to the Watt output in the system. The key element of the network and referral system is that the members will enjoy the benefits of their packages and the benefits of their referred members’ packages for 25 years without having to buy another package.


Currently the SSG’s investment platform is limited to investments below 100K euro. SSG is planning to expand its platform to receive investments above 100K euro. This platform will be complementary to our existing system. This platform will also welcome the owners of 3rd party solar power plants, who will be able to sell short and long term investments by the Watt on any scale. All these solar power plants will be audited by independent auditors – PWC, Deloitte - and will be monitored by blockchain technology.

Sellers will be able to realize short-, mid- and long term earnings immediately on their solar power plant projects to accelerate ROIs

Buyers will be able to invest in renewable energy remotely for short-, mid- and long term earnings to realize profit without the initial investment of building a solar power plant.

SSG has an initial line up of 50 companies to use this new investment platform for selling investments. In the first year of operation of the new platform SSG expects 2000 solar power plants to be listed on it with 15,000 signed up investors. SSG will charge commissions on all 3rd party transactions.

On the long run, SSG will broaden this investment platform to a 360º indexed trading platform for renewable energy 

All these activities guarantee the growth of the company and the dynamic growth of the value of the SunMoney Token.


BUY BACK PROGRAMMESUNMONEY SOLAR GROUP undertakes to create a buy-back program for the SMT tokens, in which SSG uses 20% of its yearly profits or 3% of its yearly turnover (whichever is higher) to buy back and destroy SMT tokens.


The ones who participate in the ICO will be offered special discounts on all of our available business packages if they pay with SUNMONEY TOKENS and/or BTC or ETH. The SMTs received will be destroyed. 


After the launch of SSG’s 100K+ EUR investment platform SMT holders will be able to buy right to commissions connected to the revenue of the platform. The SMTs received will be destroyed.


In the case of an IPO, SMT Token holders will have priority buying option for stocks.


We are in the process of integrating blockchain to Sunmoney’s Solar Account System and our payment system too. Also the new investment platform and the monitoring of all solar power plants will be based on blockchain and smart contracts to provide security and transparency.

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Gabor Eisenbart
Gabor Eisenbart
Founder, Owner
Dr. Levente Tóth
Dr. Levente Tóth
Zoltán Rendes
Zoltán Rendes
Global Marketing Director
Timur R. Magomedov
Timur R. Magomedov
Global Business Development Director
Péter Bahorecz
Péter Bahorecz
Global Community Director
Laszlo Balogh
Laszlo Balogh