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Twilight is building an unprecedented innovation against today's severe circumstances surrounding anime creators by utilizing blockchain technology. The “C2C (Creator-to-Customer) Anime Production System” will be a decentralized crowdfunding platform for fundraising, production, and distribution for anime works.

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Along with the development of the Internet, the number of Japanese anime fans is exploding worldwide. However, despite this global boom, anime studios and individual creators have been still working in a harsh work environment with minimal incentives. If this situation continues, it is unavoidable that the quality of Japanese anime culture will deteriorate.

The Twilight team seeks to make an unprecedented innovation against these severe circumstances surrounding anime creators using blockchain technology. The creators will be able to deliver their masterpieces straight to their fans (C2C: Creator-to-Customer) through a decentralized platform which directly connects creators and anime fans.

Rather than being overly sensitive to a handful of gatekeepers when working on projects, creators will be freed to create successful anime together with anime fans.

. The “C2C Anime Production System” Realized by TWC Project

The “C2C Anime Production System” which is a new way of anime production will be realized in this project. This is based on a decentralized crowdfunding platform in which anime studios and individual creators raise funds directly from general anime fans by issuing and granting digital items and licenses for secondary usage that are recorded on the blockchain. This platform enables creators and anime studios to issue and sell digital items such as autographs, original drawings, audio data, and admission tickets directly to their supporters to raise funds. The raised funds can be used for anime production. In addition, licenses to secondary usage can be issued and managed on the blockchain by utilizing this platform.

Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform

This is a platform for decentralized crowdfunding that enables anime studios and individual creators to collect funds. Anime studios and individual creators can have the rights to issue digital items by depositing TWC (Twilight Coin) on this platform. They issue digital items (DIT: Digital Item Token) pertaining to their own future and past works recorded on the blockchain and collect funds through the crowdfunding for the items. The issuable digital items are autographs, original drawings, audio data, admission tickets, etc. Also, the secondary usage license (SUT: Secondary Usage Token) of own works can be issued by depositing TWC. This secondary usage license can also raise funds by selling it to secondary users.

TWC: Twilight Coin

This is the token sold during the ICO. Anime studios and individual creators can issue DIT and SUT by purchasing TWC from the ICO or the market and depositing them on the platform. This deposit will be frozen on the platform and will be returned after 18 months. In addition, when executing the crowdfunding, 2% of raised ETH (Ethereum) will be converted to this TWC which will be canceled from the platform (hereinafter referred to as “burn”). As more creators and anime studios participate in the platform, the amount of the TWC deposit and burn will increase, which will reduce the amount of circulated TWC in the market and improve its value.

DIT: Digital Item Token

This is the ownership of autographs, pictures, original drawings, audio data, admission tickets and such which is recorded on the blockchain, and it is given to supporters as a way of gratitude for their contribution to support anime studios and individual creators. It is possible to issue very rare digital items that enthusiasts would appreciate since the maximum number of DIT to be issued can be set. We plan to set up a DEX (a decentralized exchange: see 7.2 for details) where these digital items can be traded among users in the future, and they will be able to trade freely once the DEX is established.

SUT: Secondary Usage Token

This token is recorded on the blockchain, and it represents the secondary usage license of a work. Terms and conditions of the granted secondary usage license as well as licensees are recorded, and who has what SUT is opened on the blockchain. Any case where a work is used secondary without owning SUT can be detected on the platform. In addition, as for derivative works (fan arts) such as Dojin (coterie) activities to be enjoyed among anime fans, SUT will be actively provided in order to establish a mechanism where secondary creators (fan artists) can produce under the consent of original creators.


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