Volum - The Holding Company That is Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry

VOLUM is a technology-based blockchain-era holding company. Holding companies have been a part of the business and investing landscape for many decades. Some of the most well-known companies in the world, including Alphabet (Google), Berkshire Hathaway, General Electric and Bank of America are operated as holding companies. VOLUM leverages the benefits of a holding company structure which, by design, minimizes risks through diversification, and allows shared infrastructure to quickly attain economies of scale. In the VOLUM example, all portfolio companies leverage a common native currency and blockchain technology platform that enables streamlined supply chain management, B2B marketplace transactions supported by trustless smart contracts and advanced data analytics. Portfolio companies benefit from vertical and horizontal integration opportunities with other VOLUM operating companies. VOLUM takes minority ownership positions in a wide range of companies, intellectual property and other assets. These assets are tokenized on the VOLUM decentralized platform and made available to investors on digital currency exchanges.

STO/ICO Status

Start Date
End Date
Soft Cap
1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
74,600,000 USD
Initial Price
0.3500 USD
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Circulating Supply74%
Restricted Areaschina,usa
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  • Private Sale - 32% $0.238
  • Pre Sale 1 - 20% $0.280
  • Pre Sale 2 - 10% $0.315
  • Pre Sale 3 - 4.60% $0.334
  • Public Sale - 0% $0.350


The VOLUM platform will run exclusively on VLM utility tokens. VOLUM’s blockchain platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will be fully capable of executing smart contracts.

This platform is completely revolutionary and gives companies greater organizational and oversight capabilities than they have ever had before. With the VOLUM blockchain platform, companies can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, all the data activity that happens on their supply chains. All of the data will be locked into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and verified at any point during operations.

The end result of using the VOLUM platform is that companies will have the power to scale from local to global markets much faster, and they will have much greater control of their supply chains. This is good for everyone.

Our blockchain platform operates as the one central location for your business supply chain operation. Companies who use this platform will be able to carry out a wide range of blockchain transactions including:

  • Payments
  • Rewards
  • Purchase Orders
  • Legal Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Taxation
  • Shipment Management
  • Letters of Origin
  • Customs Documents
  • Inputs/Outputs and Inventory Ordering
  • Delivery/Parcel Tracking
  • IoT Monitoring and Reporting
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Inputs and End-Product Tracking/Traceability

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Alonzo Pierce
Alonzo Pierce
Arnaldo Detres
Arnaldo Detres
Ihor Bauman
Ihor Bauman
Chief Business Analyst
Nazar Khrupalo
Nazar Khrupalo
Business Development Executive
Roman Tsivka
Roman Tsivka
Lead Blockchain Develope
Mykola Vdovychenko Legal
Mykola Vdovychenko Legal
Counsel / Compliance Officer