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The World of Battles platform is a decentralized, independent and fully automated platform for amateurs and professionals of eSports. Developed on the basis of Ethereum smart contracts and oracles, it gives everybody an opportunity to compete in e-sports and gain rewards for sure, as well as to hold tournaments according to the international e-sports standards in popular online games, such as: Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, CounterStrike: GO and StarCraft 2.

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  • First hour - +100%
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  • Day 2 - +80%
  • Days 3-7 - +60%
  • Week 2 - +40%
  • Week 3 - +20%
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World of Battles is an innovative decentralized gaming platform for eSports created on the basis of Ethereum which allows users to compete in popular online games such as Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2, CounterStrike: GO, StarCraft 2.Innovatively autonomousWorld of Battles innovations will allow competitions to run intermediaries such as financial institutions or casinos independently. Ethereum can create intelligent contracts that autonomously control business logic in a block chain. These intellectual contracts can be used to process results and rewards from competitive eSports matches quickly and reliably. Unlike the existing platforms (which are platforms for either skill-based games or lottery-based games) all World of Battles transactions are publicly verifiable, visible, resistant to falsification, and are not subject to the risk of institutional processing.Innovative decentralizedTraditional online platforms with centralized structures are subject to hacking, strict financial rules and besides that they are burdensome. The decentralization of Peer-to-Peer ("P2P") allows skills-based competitions not to rely on payment processors, reduces operational regulatory burden and protects against organizational corruption such as fraud and embezzlement.Innovative automatedEach match result is automatically checked by two groups: Witnesses and / or Voting by jury ("WJU"). Witnesses are users who run automated software MULTIWOB which checks and reports the game results. Payments are made to the winner on the basis of players' reports and Witness's checks. This 100% excludes the risk of fraudulent reports, the number of which is uncontrollably huge on operating platforms. 

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Makoto Takahashi
Makoto Takahashi
Founder, Investor
Hiroki Kimura
Hiroki Kimura
Platform Developer
Kiyoshi Yamada
Kiyoshi Yamada
Business Development Manager
Daisuke Matsumoto
Daisuke Matsumoto
Telecommunications Engineer
Takashi Yamazaki
Takashi Yamazaki
Software Engineer, Research Worker
Haruka Sasaki
Haruka Sasaki
Marketing Manager