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xDeck is a gaming project built on advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies. xDeck uses all the advantages of cryptography and decentralization, making cheating technically and verifiably impossible. xDeck offers the latest forms of these technologies implement into an online gaming and gambling platform? xDeck is not limited as an online casino, it’s a platform, where people can compete in various types of games. Very little commission is taken from every game, much less than in traditional online casinos. Due to our fee structure we’re a disinterested party as to who wins or loses. Although, we do hope you win! To guarantee fairness, and the use of unpredictable random numbers, we‘ve created XDE token, solving vital issues with cryptography, randomization and decentralization. xDeck is unique platform, providing transparency and a secure system of gaming.

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Soft Cap
7,500 ETH
Hard Cap
25,000 ETH
Initial Price
1 XDE = 0.0001 ETH
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Circulating Supply60%
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  • Pre ICO: - 25%
  • ICO: - 15%


XDeck is an online platform which allows like-minded players to join and compete against each other in games of strategy and chance. It combines the best elements of blockchain, cryptography and gambling to create a truly fair and transparent system. XDeck employs a different business model to online casinos, which win when you lose and lose when you win. XDeck works differently.We take a small fee from every game, which in the poker world is called a rake. Due to our fee structure, we’re a disinterested party as to who wins or loses, although we do hope you win! Online casinos are in the business of competing against and beating the players, while our business is about helping players to connect and have a good time.

The main advantage of blockchain and peer-to-peer currencies such as bitcoin, litecoin and others is that there is no need for trust between parties. Unlike banks and other centralized systems, blockchain technology allows us to make transfers between users without third party support. In other words, your funds are kept safe and interacting with other members of the network can be achieved without trust.

Cryptography solves all issues with trust and network functionality. Blockchain is an absolutely transparent decentralized network, which means there is no way to control it or to manipulate it. Blockchain also supports smart contracts which allows credible transactions or other implemented actions to be conducted without third parties.

XDeck was founded in 2017 and have been actively developing their platform since then. XDeck has already developed several working dapps based on our own cryptocurrency and unique infrastructure. Unlike our competitors, we already have a number of functioning games, which demonstrates our concept and features integration. All of the games are based on blockchain technology, using encryption and our unique dapps.

We are creating a platform where cheating is technically impossible. We believe that blockchain and decentralization will change the gambling world forever and will make gambling fair and transparent. As a pioneer in the crypto gambling industry, we believe that XDeck will change the gambling universe.

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Andrea Marani
Andrea Marani
Community Manager
Shota Rigvava
Shota Rigvava
Game Developer
Mikhail Gurevich
Mikhail Gurevich
Marketing Consultant
Dumitru Berestean
Dumitru Berestean
Full Stack Developer
Ciprian Ciubotaru
Ciprian Ciubotaru
Mobile developer
Stephen Gold
Stephen Gold