Contentos - The Decentralized Global Content Ecosystem

The vision of Contentos is to build a decentralized, global digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded and traded while protecting author rights. Contentos will incentivize content creation and global diversity and return the rights and value of content to its users. It will be a public content protocol that not only carries content and advertising value but is also a memory chain recording each user’s contributions.

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Contentos is a blockchain protocol that aims to form the foundation for a decentralized digital content ecosystem that empowers all members, including creators, consumers, and advertisers, to earn fair compensation for their contributions. Contentos also intends to establish itself as the future Ethereum of digital content, accepting content DApps of all kinds.

The current social media ecosystem is run by centralized platforms that depend on advertising for revenue. Content creators are pressured to produce content that is approved by advertisers instead of expressing themselves freely.

In the current content system, corporate platforms reap the lion’s share of rewards generated by ad dollars, leaving mere pennies to the influencers whose content the platforms depend on. These tech giants tempt content creators with promises of viable income while exploiting their creations for their gain.

By utilizing the tokenization enabled by blockchain technology, Contentos aims to bring to life the dream of a more democratic content environment. Content creation, curation, distribution, storage, and verification are all rewarded in COS tokens, the unique cryptocurrency powering the Contentos ecosystem.


Decentralized digital content system

The Contentos protocol aims to build a globally-distributed content incentive and distribution system through utilizing blockchain technology distributed storage capabilities. The protocol will enable content creators to earn revenue without depending on centralized platforms; instead, digital content can be freely produced, stored, and distributed to reach consumers and advertisers directly. This results in a situation where value is fairly measured, and prices are open and transparent. The Contentos ecosystem will include systems for content distribution, copyright registration, creator certification, along with social features such as likes, shares, and comments.

The transaction and financial system

COS will be the Contentos in-ecosystem cryptocurrency used to reward positive contributions and to pay for services within the network. Smart contracts will automatically execute transaction payments and the distribution of rewards without the participation of a third-party intermediary

Core values

The Contentos system abides by the following core values:

  • Open and transparent pricing that benefits all parties
  • Content creators maintain ownership of their content
  • Content creators hold preferential revenue rights
  • All forms of contribution can be quantified and rewarded

Contentos is run by a nonprofit foundation and its fundamental objective is to serve the public. This maximizes the value of content creators and system participants and allows all participants to benefit from the prosperity and growth of the ecosystem.

Unique, blockchain-based content creation business model

Intelligent content advertising: Smart contracts are used to facilitate advertiser payments to creators. Rewards are automatically distributed to the creator based on viewership and interaction data. A creator and advertiser can make agreements for additional compensation, or bonus incentives if work exceeds expected results.

Direct value exchange: Users can pay creators directly through subscriptions, donations or virtual gifts, all executed automatically utilizing smart contracts. For example, creators can create exclusive content that can only be viewed as a fixed number of times for subscribers. Through this type of empowerment, creators can more easily grow their viewer base, develop loyal followings, and increase their revenue.

Content selling: Contentos enables the sale of content within the platform between creators. For instance, a video creator may publish a soundtrack request and allow music creators to bid for involvement, just as a music producer may publish a 15-second soundtrack for purchase and use by a video creator. Profit sharing may also be achieved through smart contracts. Since all transactions are transparent, every creator understands his/her unique value within the ecosystem.



Continue growing a massive collection of global creators

Based on integrated apps and development testing net:

  • Attract / recruit global creators
  • CET related feature development


Engaged, thriving digital content ecosystem

  • Launch Contentos production net v1.0
  • Support app building and development
  • Gradually adapt major digital content platforms

Design concept

  1. Contentos supports the distribution of personal digital token assets. Every user may customize their own incentive system to encourage sharing and collaboration.

  2. The Contentos team will design cross-link mechanisms for research and development. Currently, many decentralized content communities maintain ecosystems of their own. The Contentos team is dedicated to converging all ecosystems into one and enabling all content communities to interoperate.

  3. Contentos will operate inter-blockchain technology on a sidechain while maintaining the original mechanism on its main chain.

  4. Currently, the overall blockchain capacity is not suitable for streaming video-related processing and is only capable of simple data storage. Thus, the underlying Contentos blockchain will converge with IPFS-related features to ensure that data is actually stored on the block.

  5. With a decentralized digital content community for individuals, teams, and businesses that utilize the Contentos public blockchain, Contentos will provide developers with open access to app development for the Contentos public chain and partner with them to create a robust three-dimensional ecosystem.

Core features

  1. Identity authentication: The identity information of every user is recorded in the public chain, and the credibility level of every user is transparent. Identity authentication can span all content communities and products built on the Contentos Public Chain. Even if a community or product is discontinued, authenticated identities will not disappear.

  2. Content copyright: The Contentos Public Chain fully records the generation time and transaction time of each creation. Any community user can query the ownership and complete transaction records of every creation through the Contentos open query interface.

  3. User credibility: The user credibility system records all evaluation information a user receives on the Contentos Public Chain. The evaluation information and the associated user identity is persistently and irreversibly kept in the Contentos Public Chain, thereby holding all users accountable for their behaviors.

  4. Smart contracts: The public chain supports a smart contract mechanism run in the CVM (Contentos Virtual Machine).

  5. Storage mechanism: As the technology matures, the Contentos public blockchain will also selectively support upper layer community/product development, directly storing content in specific formats once COS (our native token) is paid.



Private sales rounds will account for 30%, which will be distributed among investors and consultants. The fund reserve is designated at 10%, and the founding team at 15%. 40% will be allocated for ecosystem operations and user rewards, and the remaining 5% will go toward the community’s cooperative activities.

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Chang-Chieh Tsai (Mick Tsai)
Chang-Chieh Tsai (Mick Tsai)
Bofei Xu (Andrew Xu)
Bofei Xu (Andrew Xu)
Sr. Director of Business Development
Zac Nien
Zac Nien
Sr. Director of Product Management
Ava Wen
Ava Wen
APAC General Manager
Peter Wei
Peter Wei
VP of Engineering
Charles Fan
Charles Fan
Founder and CEO at MemVerge