- A Decentralized Marketplace For Digital Games is the next evolutionary step – a decentralized platform enabling conversational trade of games, in-game items, and now gaming-related services, changing the game yet will open a whole new world for gamers and developers/publishers alike, by offering new means of trade, publishing, and monetization creating an entire global economy around gamers.

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Kinguin ​is ​a ​marketplace ​for ​digital ​games, ​items ​and ​related ​services, ​that ​has ​generated ​$100m in ​turnover ​for ​2016. In ​an ​effort ​to ​go ​beyond ​other ​marketplaces, ​and ​advancing ​the ​industry ​at ​large ​through innovation, ​Kinguin ​is ​reformatting ​its ​platform ​to ​a ​completely ​decentralized ​model ​built ​entirely on ​Blockchain ​technology ​and ​powered ​by ​Smart ​Contracts. ​A ​more ​efficient, ​autonomous, ​and transparent ​marketplace ​with ​built-in ​fraud ​prevention ​to ​the ​benefit ​of ​all ​Gamers.

Our Mission

Kinguin’s mission is to make great gaming experiences available to everyone, by building platforms, services and locations that support the free economy and personal rights of players. “All your loot belongs to you ”, and as a gamer, all your digital assets, purchased or won, through luck or skill, are the personal digital property of you.

Forced regional pricing on digital games and items is player-hostile, like all other archaic implementations of Digital Rights Management (DRM) seen in gaming.

Players have become both gameplay and content in online games, but share little to no upside from their own value creation. We believe there should be no limitations for how players monetize their expertise, skills, playtime, loot or digital gear.

Decentralized trading in cryptocurrency served with trustless-security and smart contracts, will significantly scale global player-to-player trade and create a new revenue stream for thousands.

Many from low-income regions where the concept of selling time on a marketplace is a common and popular freelance business. A new crypto market will emerge seemingly overnight, as it becomes known that hourly rates for skilled gamers and hardware experts outperform services commonly sold on marketplaces like Upwork (14 million users, $1 billion+ dollars in revenue ).

Blockchain technology provides a perfect foundation for our quest for fair market conditions and for players’ rights to ownership, monetization and control.

Based on our beliefs, we are determined to establish the necessary conditions to evolve our current marketplace for Gamers - by pioneering the next big game changer; A decentralized marketplace for digital games, items and services, enabling global player-to-player trade empowered by blockchain and smart contracts.

Krowns: A cryptocurrency for a new generation of online gamers looking to monetize gaming, enabling a global gaming community to profit from the buildout and adoption of a decentralized economy. overview

Established Kinguin brand

A community of 6,5 million gamers have saved more than of $150 million dollars on Kinguin.

Conversational tech

We began work on bots more than a year ago and have since served thousands of customers through chatbots - recording a groundbreaking 96% customer support satisfaction rate.

Simple trading

Sell and buy anything, anytime, anywhere. Trade and do real-time bidding straight from Discord, Messenger and other social platforms.

Secure and reliable

The blockchain, smart contracts and community reviews will together eliminate trust issues in the value chain, increasing the number of both buyers and sellers.

Smart publishing

Indie Developers can publish their games to the community using smart contracts, and monetize their audience with respect and in compliance with EU Directives.

Community Support will be the easiest and most rewarding way to support content creators, teams, individual players and anybody else who is providing value to the community.

Krowns Overview

Ethereum sub-token

Krowns is initially an ERC20 sub-token utilizing the established Ethereum blockchain and smart contract infrastructure, to act as a medium of storage and exchange on the platform. The next stage of Krowns will be a Token developed from the ground up with its own specialized Blockchain and smart contract infrastructure.

Smart Contracts

When a buyer and a seller agree on a transaction, a smart contract is executed between the two. Unlike other contracts, a smart contract cannot be stopped, reversed, or overwritten. This contract will be recorded forever in the blockchain. Ecosystem use cases

Buy/sell Game assets

The platform provides a low friction, safe and reliable way to handle your digital assets. A gamer is able to initiate a trade through their favorite chat interface, their wallet or through the website.

Buy/sell Game services

To help empower the Gamers, we are committed to let them take part in the economic growth in the Gaming industry. If a Gamer can provide value to another Gamer through services, they are able to monetize that through the platform.

Publish games

Game developers will have access to a publishing platform based on smart contracts and secure payments with Krowns.


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