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Hoard is changing the future of the Gaming Industry. Through revolutionary technology, based on blockchain, Hoard offers a unique value proposition for game players and game developers. It enables them to take advantage of true ownership, virtual exchange and crowdfunding games.

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Hoard Delivers an Ecosystem of Products to Support the Gaming Industry


All assets minted with Hoard SDK can automatically be traded on the decentralized marketplace at the heart of the platform. Marketplace allows gamers to safely and legally buy, sell, trade or even rent out their truly owned digital asset and convert it to “real” money through a secure and seamless fiat-cryptocurrency exchange (powered by OmiseGO solutions).

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Hoard SDK is an easy-to-use Open-Source tool to integrate any game with the blockchain. Simple and well-documented, Hoard’s SDK means that developers don’t need to be Blockchain experts to use it for their games and can easily “tokenize” game assets for security and ongoing revenue from all transaction on Marketplace.


A place to raise funds for game development where creators can bypass traditional funding-models and take advantage of Hoard’s game-centric community to support their project and raise funds by selling in-game assets, rewards, and early game access.

New world of gaming for players

True ownership of digital assets

  • Your ownership is real, unconstrained, and does not need to be shared with anyone, nor does it rely on the actions and decisions of others.
  • Your ownership is secure due to the application of cutting edge blockchain technologies.
  • Your ownership is flexible: you may, for example, rent out your digital items whenever you do not need them, such as when you're at work or on vacation.

Improved usability of new and existing games

  • You can access a single tool to view, manage, and trade all your digital assets from different games (a proverbial “one-stop shop”).
  • Items from one game can be exchanged for items from another game. This can be done either permanently, or temporarily; usage can be independent of ownership.
  • Trade in virtual items and the resulting transfer of ownership is secure, predictable, and at no stage requires the involvement of a third party.

New earning possibilities

  • Digital assets accumulated in one game are secure and can be exchanged for virtual goods from another game, or liquidated into “real money.”
  • Renting out assets provides additional revenue – and you can be sure your items will securely and automatically be returned once the rental period is over.
  • There are unlimited possible ways to earn money thanks to the innovative design of games back by their own tokens and the open and decentralized nature o the Ethereum blockchain and the Hoard platform.

Blockchain revolution in game development

Raise funds and develop an “economic community”

  • Bypass traditional funding models and raise funds to develop your game from hundreds or even thousands of individuals by offering them real value, for example rare in-game items.
  • Take advantage of all off-the-shelf developers’ tools offered by the Hoard platform.
  • If HRD tokens are not sufficiently flexible for your desired business model, come up with your own innovative token designs. Tweak existing ownership models, offer token holders access to unique items and features, or even get them engaged in decisions regarding future development of your game.
  • The token distribution represents a new kind of incentivized community which you can activate and engage in all kinds of new ways.

New or improved ways to monetize your game

  • Make a profit not only from primary but also secondary market transactions, as well as every rental of your game’s assets.
  • Introduce new content to existing games to extend their economic viability.

New forms of product design and accompanying marketing models

  • Enjoy network effects by launching multiple games and platforms with interdependent features and take advantage of synergies with other titles on the Hoard platform.
  • Access Hoard’s platform-wide marketing and advertising tools, or come up with your own methods, backed right into your token design. Engage in supportive activities (e.g. web minigames) which enable gamers to acquire items, create charity campaigns (“mining gold for goods”), etc.

Hoard Marketplace

All assets minted with Hoard SDK can automatically be traded on the decentralized marketplace at the heart of the platform. Marketplace allows gamers to safely and legally buy, sell, trade or even rent out their truly owned digital asset and convert it to “real” money through a secure and seamless fiat-crypto currency exchange (powered by OmiseGO solutions).


The Hoard Exchange enables:

  • Buying, selling and auctioning of all kinds of game content
  • Exchanging items directly with other users
  • Gift items to each other
  • Rent or lease items
  • Set up your own shop to earn from gaming by offering in-game goods and services

People can earn a living in computer games in the following ways:

  • Utilizing craftsmanship skills to create valuable virtual items
  • Acting as a guide in video game quests
  • Acting as a main character in a storyline
  • Provide consultancy services for other players

Hoard your tokens Hoard your valuables

Game items

From weapons to quests, levels and more, everything can be tokenized and represented on the blockchain.


Sell your extra licenses, buy them as gifts, or trade them.


Game money is now a cryptocurrency that gives you real value.



  • Q1 SDK for Unity 3D and Unreal 4
  • Q3 Exchange Service
  • Q4 Augmented reality support for wallet


  • Q2 Other game engines support
  • Q3 Rating system
  • Q3 Voting system
  • Q3 Community portal
  • Q4 Crowdfunding service
  • Q4 Pawn shop service


  • Q2 CPU enclaves support
  • Q3 Anti-cheat system
  • Q4 Game engines integration


  • Q3 Big data (items properties mapping)
  • Q4 Deep learning
  • Q4 Data analysis toolkit


  • Q2 Virtual jobs system
  • Q4 Aggregation of all the systems

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Sławomir Bubel
Sławomir Bubel
Martin Amor
Martin Amor
Special Advisor, founder
Cyryl Matuszewski
Cyryl Matuszewski
Lead programmer
Radosław Zagórowicz
Radosław Zagórowicz
Blockchain expert, Co founder
Marek Siemieniuk
Marek Siemieniuk
Daria Kurpiewska
Daria Kurpiewska