Krypton Galaxy - Blockchain game eco-level entrance Zero threshold, super fun, cross-chain support

Krypton aims to build the world's first gateway to the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Unlike other games or content distribution projects, Krypton believes that a complete blockchain gaming ecosystem should include players (both native blockchain users and traditional game migrant players), developers, production and distribution of contents and community. Only with the joint efforts of these necessary elements can the entire ecosystem enter the virtuous cycle and develop rapidly and healthily. Therefore, Krypton’s gateway to the blockchain gaming ecosystem compromises four parts: user entrance, content gateway, public chain community gateway, and promotion portal.

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1,500,000 usdt
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Krypton aims to create the first gateway to blockchain gaming ecosystem. Reducing entry barrier to traditional developers and players, Krypton can provide a comprehensive solution to blockchain gaming system and quickly acquire both traditional game players and existing blockchain users through its unique distribution system and public chain plan.

Krypton has been making steady progress and currently has more than 1.4 million users worldwide. It supports both iOS and Android in 20 languages. In addition, it has created gateways for players, developers, blockchain communities and distributors. Krypton is on the eve of a massive outbreak.


Tom Guo
Tom Guo
Master of Computer Science, Harbin Institute of Technology
Mike Lee
Mike Lee
Tsinghua University Basic Science Bachelor
Cakra Gai
Cakra Gai
Tsinghua University, Department of Biology